About Click and Protect

Have you ever wanted a service that is unique to your business and needs? A pricing package that allows you to only pay for what you actually need? Then read below for our Click and Protect bespoke service that allows you to choose exactly what you need, saving you time, money and useless extras that you won’t use.

Click and Protect is run by the security experts at Cyber Security Partners with a vast amount of knowledge in both public and private sector, from small to large companies. They have the experience that allows you to only choose and pay for the services you actually need, no add on’s! Your budget will thank you for it.


Benefits of Click and Protect:

  • Ability to change your chosen options every 6 months for no extra fee
  • Pricing packages are based on size of your company (employees) and number of systems/end points (Both inhouse and cloud serviced)
  • Friendly expert consultants who can break down each service option to meet your level of understanding and get the best fit for you and the business
  • Provides 8 different key areas as part of having your security managed 


The experts behind Click & Protect (C&P) know that the people who are in charge of cyber security within a business, struggle with confidently carrying out the Cyber Security tasks. These tasks that businesses have a skills gap within, are highlighted within the government-endorsed Cyber Essentials scheme, commonly as; in setting up configured firewalls, storing or transferring personal data, and detecting and removing malware.

At C&P we can fill this skills gap for businesses and give support as an external cyber security provider, working alongside our clients making the process as smooth as possible. Our team of experts with years of experience can carry out multiple services.

Our most popular in demand services for current circumstances are:

  • Firewall rule base reviews to assess your firewall rule configuration looking for security configuration issues, vulnerabilities and unnecessary rules that could lead to a breach of your network.
  • Data protection through assistance in assessing and protecting personal data by ensuring the appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place.
  • Malware recovery to assist with any systems which may have malware on them or may have been compromised, ensuring relevant controls are in place to protect this from happening again and protecting data by ensuring it is kept secure and backed up.


So why not get in touch today and enquire about our bespoke service at a non-bespoke price. We offer a simple questionnaire to get an idea of and define the requirements to meet specific security needs and controls.