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    • microphone for speaking event

      Spoilt for choice at Leeds Digital Festival

      There’s a fantastic range of events this year at Leeds Digital Festival. It’s intended for people who work in digital and those who work or play online. That’s pretty much everyone…

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    • Uralensis Inov8

      Client Case Study: Uralensis Innov8

      With Click and Protect’s help, Uralensis Inov8 achieved ISO27001 accreditation and are now using Click and Protect’s subscription-based service.

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    • remote learning

      Cyber Security Tips for Remote School Learning

      Remote learning means that the academic community and parents need support to ensure their information is protected. We identify some of the guidance available.

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    • scary pumpkins illustrating scareware

      Beware of Scareware

      Scareware is a form of malicious software meant to frighten the recipient into doing something such as installing software or clicking a phishing link.

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    • computer security

      National Computer Security Day

      Click and Protect celebrate National Computer Security Day through top tips and the importance of cyber security.

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    • woman suspicious of email

      Suspicious Email Reporting Service

      Cyber criminals love phishing. Unfortunately, this is not a harmless riverbank pursuit.

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    • two women doing online training

      Security Awareness Training

      Cyber security training is often overlooked, and yet the lack of training can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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    • security at work

      Introducing Cyber Essentials – Cyber Security Guidance for Business

      Cyber Essentials encourages all organisations to take basic steps to protect themselves

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    • 10 lightbulbs illustrating 10 bright ideas

      10 tips to make your smart home more secure

      Our top 10 tips to help you secure your home network and the devices connected to it.

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    • woman working on a laptop

      Automating compliance. Understanding the limits.

      I received a letter the other day. Very polite letter, not lecturing

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    • click and protect

      Click and Protect launch – a new approach to cyber security consulting

      The founders of Cyber Security Partners (CSP) have created ‘Click and Protect’

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