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How to cyber protect your new business for FREE

Cyber Security Partner’s other brand, Click and Protect, are hosting a free webinar open to all on how to protect your business for FREE. Although this webinar is part of Leeds Digital Festival it is available to any business which is concerned about ensuring their business is secure. C&P’s Director, Kevin Else, will be hosting this insightful event. With more ...
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CCTV camera illustrating protection of business assets

What should your business be protecting?

If you’ve done any reading at all about cyber security for small businesses, you’ll have realised that this advice always includes setting strong passwords, setting up multi-factor authentication… and creating an inventory of your assets. This is because an asset inventory really matters. Unless you know exactly what you need to protect, you can’t do much to defend it. There ...
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five stars - balancing security and social proof

Balancing security and social proof

Do you check the user reviews before buying something online? Almost all of us do. User reviews are a kind of social proof: they help customers make a decision, and reassures them that the decision is a good one. This is why people put customer testimonials on their B2B websites too. People will trust that your product or service is ...
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Email attacks: is your inbox flooded?

Is your inbox filling up with thousands of messages more than usual? Perhaps unsolicited subscription confirmation requests, or maybe simple text-only messages about nothing very much? Whatever the contents of the messages, be aware that this isn’t just a nuisance (which it certainly is) but that you may be under attack. These thousands of emails are a distraction, filling up ...
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Who else is reading your mail?

Auto-forwarding of emails can be very useful, for instance, if one of your staff leaves, you might want to auto-forward their emails to your inbox for a few months, just to make sure that you don’t miss anything important. Or you might decide to forward all mail that comes to ‘sales@’ or ‘info@’ to your own email address, so that ...
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no need for cyber security - person typing on an old-fashioned typewriter

What kind of business doesn’t need cyber security?

What kind of business would have no need for cyber security? A business that didn’t have any cyber security risks, would have to be a business that was completely offline. It would have no website, and no social media for marketing. Presumably they would find business by word of mouth only, or by leaflet-drop around very specific areas: probably a ...
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