Your cyber security manager on call

We know that not every business can afford to take on a full-time cyber security manager—but that doesn’t mean that the work a security manager would do for you just goes away. It still has to be done to keep your business as safe as possible.

And even if you are lucky enough to be able to have a cyber security manager in place, they may not be able to deal with all the work that comes their way—cyber security is a very wide field, and no-one can know everything.

Our cyber security manager service gives you the option of adding an experienced security manager to your business without the complications and costs of recruiting a full-time member of staff. This way you can create a new security team, or enhance your existing security support team with additional skills.

Cyber security manager: subscription service

Subscribe to our cyber security manager as a service (SMaaS) for £200/month, and you’ll get access to skilled and knowledgeable staff, trained in the latest security standards and technologies, without the usual issues of employing someone directly.

You’ll get 3 hours of expert advice every month when you sign up, but if you need extra support on top of that, our very reasonable SMaaS rate is £75/hour.

What would a cyber security manager do?

What do you need help with? Examples of requests for help include:

We use our knowledge to ensure that the controls we recommend are an appropriate and cost-effective response to the risks that you face.

This pragmatic advice will provide you with the right level of security—one that supports your strategic plans rather than restricting your business.

Contact us today to find out how our cyber security manager as a service can help you.