Cyber security service selector

This is a text version of our cyber security service selector quiz, intended to provide information about our cyber security services and the problems they are designed to serve.

If you think you are under attack right now, call us on 0113 733 6230.

Otherwise… what are you worried about today? Please choose one of these links to jump to the appropriate section of our cyber security service selector descriptions.

An attack on your business

Call on our Security Training service if you need security and awareness training for your staff.

If you’d like some security advice, whether this is about cyber attacks by email, phone or message, attacks on your website, or someone stealing your data or devices in person, call for our Security Manager service.

If you’ve been attacked, and would like advice on responding to it or reducing the risk of it happening again, please contact our Security Manager service urgently.

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GDPR and how it affects your business

Common worries about Data Protection and GDPR include:

  • I don’t understand what we have to do or if it applies to us
  • Are we doing what we are required to do?
  • We need to know what to do if someone contacts us about the data we hold on them
  • We need to know what to do if the data we hold has been stolen or leaked
  • We’ve experienced a data breach – what do we do now?
  • The ICO have been in touch, by email or letter. Is it genuine? What do we need to do?

If you need advice, training, or someone to do any of this for you, we recommend our Data Protection Service.

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The security of your business systems

People worry about whether their systems are as secure as they could be. For instance:

  • We need someone to check that our existing systems are set up securely
  • We need advice on a new security product
  • We’ve bought a new security product – can you help us get it set up right?
  • We need advice on controlling the IT devices/software that our staff are using
  • People are working from home now – what do we do about security?
  • We need someone to set up a system to help us manage passwords and permissions for joiners, leavers and movers
  • We need help with getting governance in place
  • We need someone to check that everything is configured OK
  • We need help getting cloud security set up
  • We need someone to advise us whether to move our data to the cloud

For help with any of these issues, and more, our Security Manager as a Service is a good choice, especially if there are other security tasks you’d like completed. Alternatively, consider our Securing your Business service, or, if it is a data specific worry, our Data Protection service.

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The lack of security skills in your team?

Whether you need to improve the level of security skills in your business, or just need a bit of extra help every so often, we have a service that can help. If it’s security skills training, security awareness training, or a security awareness campaign you need, call on our Security Training service. Our Security Manager Service is there to provide any extra help you might need with security tasks, when you need them.

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What to do if there is a security problem

This is something that worries a lot of business owners. We can help with:

  • Security risk assessment
  • Advice on how to keep the business going if there is a problem
  • Advice on disaster recovery planning
  • Advice on what to do if the data you save or use is stolen or leaked
  • Advice on what do to do if there is a data breach or other security incident
  • Improving the level of security skills in your business

Depending on your particular concerns, we’d suggest our Security Manager service, Data Protection service or Security Training.

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Worried about the risks of staff working remotely?

If you’re worried about the security risks of your staff working remotely, even if in a hybrid fashion, you’re not alone. Do you need:

  • Advice on controlling the hardware/software your staff are using
  • Advice on new security policies / procedures for remote working
  • Or just need someone to sort it all out for you?

For help with any of these issues, and more, our Security Manager as a Service is a good choice, especially if there are other security tasks you’d like completed as well. Alternatively, consider our Securing your Business service.

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Customers want to know about our cyber security, or want us to have cyber security certifications

Are any of these worrying you?

  • We need to complete (or create) a set of security questions for suppliers
  • We need to check that our suppliers are as secure as we are
  • We need to gain a security certification to win business, such as Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials + or ISO 27001
  • We need help to fix problems an auditor found

Our Supplier Security service would be an excellent choice here. Alternatively, if you’d like to know that you had someone to call on for other security tasks, consider our Security Manager as a Service.

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Something else?

Give us a call on 0113 733 6230, or contact us via the website. Given our experience in cyber security, the chances are high that we’ll be able to help.

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