Cyber security: virtual tours and explainers for the curious

It’s nearly Christmas, so for a change, we are linking to some interesting videos that you might not have seen before. None are new but they are all cyber security related. If you’re curious, read on.

First: ever wondered what data centres look like on the inside, and how the data you store there is kept safe? All three major cloud providers have developed a virtual tour. This is Microsoft’s example: We Live in the Cloud | Microsoft Story Labs. Do click through the various ‘rooms’, starting with the lobby, to find out more.

Next? For most of us, what happens ‘behind’ our browser once we click is a mystery. So we thought you might like to see a visualisation of how information travels past routers and firewalls. Here’s an animated video explaining how the internet works (it’s old, but still a good overview).

And finally…three dramatized videos explaining how a cyber attack might happen, and what the consequences might be:

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