Privacy and personal information

Do you use or store any personal information?

Personal data includes information such as names and email addresses, so the answer is almost certainly yes—though some organisations collect and use more than others do.

No matter how much data you hold, you should have a privacy notice. These are often available via a company’s website, but they can also be, for instance, printed out and handed to the people whose data you are collecting.

The ICO has a privacy notice generator, to help you create one that fits your organisation. At the moment the generator works for general businesses, including retail and manufacture, but in the summer (of 2024) they’ll be launching versions for other sectors.

It’s also intended for small to medium-sized businesses and charities—not for those organisations that carry out automated decision making or are required to have a data protection officer.

You do need to collect some information in advance, but it is straightforward, and there are 10 steps, or groups of questions to consider. And then the tool will generate a bespoke privacy notice for your organisation, for you to add your branding (if you want) hand out to customers or put up on your website. Why not try it out? You can always tweak it if need be.

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