Spoilt for choice at Leeds Digital Festival

microphone for speaking event

There’s a fantastic range of events this year at Leeds Digital Festival, which runs between 20th September and 1st October this year. It’s inclusive and open, and intended for people who work in digital and those who work or play online. That’s pretty much everyone… 

Here’s our pick of 8 events that you might find interesting, including a few of those offered by Cyber Security Partners. We’ll hope to meet you at one or more of these events over the next couple of weeks. 

Does compliance mean you are secure? 

Achieving compliance against a cyber security standard should be celebrated. But does it mean your business is protected from attacks? Team CSP is offering a breakfast briefing event, highlighting the steps you should take to protect your organisation’s reputation.  Find out more about compliance and security 

The science behind SEO – Core Web Vitals 

The team at RapidSpike will talk you through the simple changes you can make to your website to improve your Core Web Vitals – and therefore the overall performance of your website, the experience that your web visitors have, and the search engine optimization of your website. Find out more about SEO and Core Web Vitals 

SMEs: How to compete in post pandemic recovery 

The pandemic has emphasised how dependent we are on digital services—many SMEs have had to adapt rapidly to change. A panel discussion looking at the state of technology in SMEs and at building resilience for business continuity. Hosted by GridfoxLearn more about this event 

Secure use of software as a service (SaaS) 

Many businesses use this kind of service, and for many kinds of software, from accounting to word processing: Salesforce, Dropbox, Mailchimp…even Netflix. Security of the platform is the responsibility of the provider, but using the software securely is the responsibility of the user. CSP will talk about things you should consider when using SaaS. See details about this event on SaaS 

Securing the Cloud 

There are potential security pitfalls in using cloud services—CSP will talk through the basics of cloud architecture and security controls to help keep your data safe in the cloud. Read the details and book for securing the cloud 

Responding to cyber questions in tenders

All government and many commercial tenders now contain a section asking about how your organisation addresses cyber security. CSP will take you through some examples and techniques to help win business. Find out more about responding to cyber questions 

Digital bites (and beer) 

8 talks of 8 minutes each, about topics including content and marketing strategies, influencers, ads and analytics. Presented by connective3, the session will be full of actionable insights, and should give you ideas you can implement the next day. Find out more about these talks 

And just for fun … an NFT treasure hunt 

Follow the clues to find the 5 QR codes hidden around the city. Each QR code relates to a unique piece of artwork. Find them all in the fastest time, and win the prize! Hosted by Journey FurtherBook this event