The FREE tools that help cyber secure your business

Kevin Else will be speaking at the Business Show 2022 in London

16th November 2022 – 16:15pm – 16:45pm

Theatre 12 – Sponsored by IRIS Clarity

About the talk

One thing you will be aware of as you start your business, is that you will need to be on the internet somewhere and once you are on the internet, you are liable to be a target of cybercrime. You may feel that you have nothing of value to cyber criminals, or it’s all in the cloud so it’s not your responsibility, but reputation is one of the key elements in building a successful business.

With both suppliers and customers wanting some level of assurance that their data and any connections your company has with them are secure, there is an increasing need for small businesses to be able to demonstrate how they protect both their own business and their clients and suppliers.

What you may not be aware of is the amount of quality free advice and tools available from trusted sources such as government departments and the police.

This session will take you through a number of the totally free services and tools that are available to small businesses with no strings attached, which will help protect your business and more importantly your reputation.

Kevin Else, will provide a guide to where to go, what the benefits are and what you don’t need to pay a fee for. This is to ensure you have a robust, practical, and manageable cyber security structure, to be able to assure your customers you are protecting their information and the availability of your services.