Time to update your software

How many times have you clicked past that popup on Netflix—you know, the one that says ‘update your software’—telling yourself you’ll do it next time?

Probably more often than you’d like to confess.

If you’re getting update messages from your business device or software, though, it’s better not to ignore them.

Updates typically include small fixes to problems that you might not even have noticed, and which could include security holes that an attacker could creep through.

You can set some updates to occur automatically, and for security updates and low-risk updates (those that have been well tested, or those that can be reversed if need be), this may well be the way to go.

However, if you have concerns—perhaps you have experienced failed updates in the past, or the system you need to update is critical (or known to be fragile)—a manual update might be better. You can always search for ‘X update problems’ to see if anyone has reported experiencing issues before you update your own X, whatever that is. Don’t forget to take a backup first, so you can roll back your changes if there is a problem.

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