What are the benefits of cyber security?

Cyber-attacks are becoming ever more common, whether you are at home or at work, and whether you work at a business or a charity, a school or a club.  

There’s a lot you can do to protect yourself and your organisation for free. Yes, there really is! You could start by working your way through the six actions in your personalised Cyber Action Plan at Cyber Aware.

But if you need expert help and advice on securing your organisation, available whenever you need it, there will be a cost—just as there would be for your solicitor or your accountant.  

Our monthly subscription rate at Click and Protect is very reasonable, but you’re probably wondering about the benefits. 

The benefits of Click and Protect’s subscription service 

Nobody can promise that you won’t experience a cyber-attack or that your cyber-defences won’t be breached.  

However, we can promise: 

  • A flexible cyber security service that you can tailor to your business, and adapt as your needs change. 
  • The first three hours of service every month included in the subscription fee. 
  • You can call us when you need us, and roll over the hours to next month if you don’t need C&P that month (up to 12 hours). 
  • A discounted rate for any extra hours you’d like us to work (always agreed in advance). 

And we can also promise: 

  • That we will be honest about the security risks your business is facing. 
  • That we will not advise you to buy a service you do not need (or do not need right now). 
  • That we will work with you to identify and implement pragmatic solutions to the security problems your business is facing. 

And what are the benefits of securing your business? 

The benefits of cyber security for your business include: 

  • Reduced threat levels. 
  • Increased customer confidence and trust in your business. 
  • Protection for your customers and for their data (and yours). 
  • Protected productivity of your staff, because there will be a reduced risk of; 
    • downtime due to an attack, 
    • computer crashes and screen freezing, 
    • And computer performance problems. 
  • Protected availability of your website; 
    • and therefore, possibly, continued sales and marketing 
    • and brand protection. 
  • Compliance with regulations. 
  • Peace of mind for you. 

Contact Click and Protect or give us a call to find out how we can help on 0113 733 6230.