Click and Protect launch a new way SMEs can implement Cyber Security services into their business


Click and Protect (C&P) offer various Cyber Security Services, to protect and secure businesses against potential cyber-attacks and much more. The team at C&P understand how important it is for their customers to have a quick and efficient process, when determining what they need for their business and employees. For example; businesses who are either looking to protect their data and customer’s data appropriately, can use C&P or if your business needs to be certified i.e. Cyber Essentials or ISO27001, we can do that too. 

Click and Protect is provided by the experts at Cyber Security Partners Ltd, as their bespoke package for small to medium size businesses. CSP have years of experience in helping both large and small organisations address their cyber security concerns with practical, pragmatic, and tailored advice. 

As a small business ourselves, we understand that taking time out of providing a quality service to your customers, to deal with the tasks of running a business that are not your specialist areas, can be hard. That’s why companies have retainer agreements with accountants, payroll, solicitors, building maintenance or vehicle maintenance companies for example, so that you don’t have to worry about it and focus on what you’re good at. 

For Cyber Security, that’s where Click and Protect comes in. C&P gives you that security blanket of having experts available immediately to solve your cyber security issues. 

So, what’s new? 

Now customers can benefit from an easily understandable fully defined set of services, covering multiple security issues and concerns. Not sure what you need? C&P’s website provides an online questionnaire which will help you see the services that best fit your company. 

The main benefits are: 

  1. Structured pricing – Know exactly what it’s going to cost you. 
  2. Priced per hour – No rounding up to the nearest day or half day. 
  3. Immediate access to advice and assistance.  
  4. Regular independent industry news and guidance 
  5. 3 hours a month advice and support included in your subscription – Don’t use you 3 hours one month? Not a problem, carry it over and use it when you need it. 
  6. AND until the end of January, 25% off your Monthly subscription 

So, after discussions with clients and prospects, C&P have built a set of processes and procedures to ensure that from the first call we can direct you to the most appropriate skill set, this is to address your cyber security concerns. This means that you don’t waste time and money trying to describe your requirement to someone who does not have the knowledge or experience to fix it. 

Kevin Else, Director, said: 

“Cyber Security skills are in short supply, and with C&P we want to bring our skills to your company to help you succeed. With over 90% of companies in the UK being SMEs, an area often ignored by the large consultancies, most cyber security companies dealing in this market just want to sell you a product or a predefined service, which gives you the default response to any security issue. This is not C&P’s approach. We are fiercely independent, do not sell any products, just our advice based on years of experience. We want to be sure that anything we suggest is the right solution for you. 

Be it the best backup solution, handling a customer’s cyber security assessment questionnaire, ensuring your client’s data is fully protected, or getting you a certification so you can win the business, C&P gives you a cost effective and practical approach.” 

Remember Click and Protect are offering anyone who signs up for 12 months, a 25% discount off any of their Cyber Security Services. But hurry, you need to join us before Monday 31st January 2022.  

Why not contact Click and Protect here for more information and a friendly chat. You can also follow Click and Protect on LinkedIn here, where latest industry news, advice and key information will be distributed.