What do we really do – and how can we help?

What do you think of when you think about cyber security work?

The popular image of cyber security work is probably of someone sitting in front of multiple screens—maybe in the dark, wearing a hoodie, and with those screens showing green digital rain, Matrix-style.

Of course, real life is nothing like movies, and while we do spend a lot of time using multiple screens, most of us are not doing anything like hacking.

What we do depends on you and what your business needs.

Cyber security certification support

Do you need to get your business certified to win business—Cyber Essentials, perhaps, or ISO27001? We can help with that. Our consultants can help you through the process of preparation and practice. We can:

  • review your policies and procedures, or help you develop them in the first place
  • conduct gap analyses, to find out what you are missing
  • help you put whatever is missing in place
  • and run mock audits to help you practice.

No coding or technical action here: this kind of work is all about discussion (with you), thinking, reading, and writing.

Security of your supply chain and bid support

Perhaps you are worried about the security of your supply chain. We can:

  • help you assess your suppliers’ security
  • help you win work by helping with your responses to those security questionnaires that your potential customers send out.

This work will involve talking to you to find out what is worrying you; talking to your suppliers; maybe working with you to develop some new processes and checklists, or how to fill any gaps we’ve found; and, inevitably, some thinking, reading, and writing.  

Security risk assessment, mitigation and security training

Perhaps you’re worried about the risks your business faces, and are looking for risk assessment, or business continuity planning? Again, these are not technical tasks, but would involve lots of discussion and planning.

Are you looking for some tabletop exercises to help boost security awareness in your team? No coding involved, just—we think—an enjoyable session for your team (lots of preparation work for us, though).

Something more technical?

Do you want someone to act as security manager for you, perhaps on an interim or part-time basis? This is likely to be a little more technical; maybe you need help to choose a new security tool (or suite of tools) or just want someone to set your security tools up for you to check that all the controls are working together effectively. There’s no hacking by us involved here either, just strong technical skills, discussion and thought.

Of course, if you do want someone to try and hack into your systems to find your weak spots, we can recommend some people who do penetration testing. And if you need help, we can scope and manage the testing for you.

There are many other things we can do to help support the security of your small business (such as helping you with data protection, reviewing your cloud security or checking for system vulnerabilities). However, none of them involve green digital rain.

What to find out more about how we can help? Call us on 0113 733 6230 or contact us via the website.