Why does information security matter?

why information security matters

As a small business owner, when you are reminded about backups, passwords and so on, you may be thinking ‘just one more thing to add to my endless to-do list’. 

So, why should you care about information security? 

Here are three reasons: 

  1. For most of us, at least here in the UK, it’s the law.  If you collect any personal information about your customers that could identify them, even if this is just their name or their email address, you have to abide by the data protection law. 
  1. Customers like it. People prefer to share their personal information with people they trust; it’s human nature. So, securing your business, and therefore their information, will support your good reputation. And being able to say that you have, for example, Cyber Essentials certification, will improve your reputation. It just makes good business sense.  
  1. It makes life easier for you, in the long run. Having to deal with the problems a lack of security can bring will take time away from running your business and could damage your business’ reputation. For example, if you have a website to market your business or to sell your products and it’s attacked, that’s a loss in sales. Not to mention the time and expense of getting things back to how they were before the attack. 

You know cyber security makes sense. So don’t wait—give us a call on 0113 733 6230 to talk about how we can help.