6 podcasts to improve your security: are you listening?


Podcasts are a way of expanding your knowledge and understanding of a topic while on the go, exercising or washing up—and they are good for you, too!

We’ve selected a range of cyber security podcasts that you might find interesting. None of them require technical knowledge and all are potentially relevant, covering security at home and in business.

Security in Five – each daily episode is under 10 minutes long, and covers everyday security issues. For example, recent episodes were called:

  • Home Security in your Garage
  • Illegal Use of Business Computers by Employees (and why that should be a concern)
  • and Your Kid’s Tech Hygiene Checkup

Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons provides entertaining cybersecurity information and news. For example… What data are you sharing with your car, and therefore with others (for example, by connecting your phone to your car, or by installing an insurance black box). Did you erase the data from the last car you rented or sold after connecting it to your phone?

The Business of Security. It’s been a few months since there was an episode, but this podcast covers business aspects of risk and information security, and the information is still valuable. Sample episode: Do small and medium businesses need a CISO (chief information security officer)? When to hire a virtual infosec officer, and why small and medium businesses need to do security planning.

RE: Human Layer Security is about how important your employees are to your cyber security. Sample episode: how launching a security champions programme can reduce phishing click-through rates, minimizes threats caused by human error and helps build a stronger security culture. 

Security Ledger: Half hour discussions about the most pressing information security issues facing businesses. The most recent episode discussed ransomware: what are the root causes of the ransomware pandemic, why companies often miss the early signs of compromise, and what companies should and shouldn’t do if they detect a cyber incident.

And finally, Smashing Security is both informative, and laugh-out-loud funny. Recent topics included dating apps, cryptocurrency and supply chain vulnerabilities.