National Computer Security Day

computer security

C&P celebrate ‘National Computer Security Day’ through top tips and the importance of Cyber Security.

It is almost impossible to go through a day without having to access the internet for work or in your personal life, using a device such as; a mobile, tablet or PC, devices like these and the internet is what keeps most people connected and tasks completed. These tasks can be; online banking, online school work, shopping, work tasks, research or keeping in touch with colleagues, friends and relatives. So, using the internet and the different devices to access the internet from, is something most of us are doing on a regular basis, these advancements in technology also come with a lot of risks and dangers that you need to be aware of.

As the technology we use is constantly advancing, so too are the risks, with so much of our data being stored on our computers and devices it is important that we take the correct action and steps to ensure our devices and data is protected.

There are steps that all of us can take, which don’t take up a lot of time and are not too difficult either, so anyone can implement our recommended steps:

  • Install an antivirus and malware protection software and run scans regularly to avoid malicious viruses infecting your computer or device such as; scareware
  • Keep your operating system up to date
  • Always have strong passwords and ensure these are stored correctly and securely i.e. use a password manager
  • Get into good practice of updating your passwords after several months
  • Consistently encrypt and backup any data you have on your device
  • Secure your wireless network to not be vulnerable to losing your personal information whilst using Wi-Fi

It is not just individuals who can take part in National Computer Security Day by ensuring they get into good practice with our above steps moving forward, organisations can take part too which could have a positive impact on more people and company security.

As a business, why not try…

  • Hosting a lunch time event where employees can be educated on Cyber Security,
  • Having competitions at work where knowledge is being tested and you could give away small prizes,
  • Holding seminars every few months keeping employees updated on latest attacks,
  • Giving employees an opportunity to ask any questions they may have,
  • Giving them information such as; who to contact if they receive suspicious looking emails or alerts.

We can all do our part in securing our data and the devices storing this data, both in a work environment for employee education and outside of work in your personal life when using devices to access the internet at home.