Suspicious Email Reporting Service

woman suspicious of email

Cyber criminals love phishing. Unfortunately, this is not a harmless riverbank pursuit. When criminals go phishing, you are the fish and the bait is usually contained in a scam email or text message.

The goal of phishing is to trick victims into clicking on links within a scam email or text message to install malware, or into divulging sensitive personal information such as your passwords or bank details. Thankfully, phishing attacks are often easy to spot and avoid  if you know the tell-tale signs.

In leading the response to phishing emails, the National Cyber Security Centre have set up a new Suspicious Email Reporting Service. SERS allows NCSC, Police and Action Fraud to analyse and track phishing attacks and any malware involved, helping prevent future cyber attacks. This has already proved successful with 395 phishing sites being removed from the internet within a week of launching!

To report a suspicious email, simply forward it to