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Setting the cyber security tone during on-boarding

Part of your employer brand is communicated to employees through the quality of your on-boarding process. A good on-boarding process for new employees matters: it sets the tone and keeps the chosen employee engaged with the process, so they don’t jilt the employer for a different offer partway through the process. On-boarding actions are likely to include contact from the ...
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Cyber security advice: don’t mix business with personal

Setting up a dedicated business email account improves your branding and gives a more professional impression (hello@yourbusiness.com, for example, comes across as more businesslike than sweetkitten97@hotmail.com). But there’s even more at risk than your business reputation. Keeping your business and personal email accounts separate is important. While merging your business and personal email accounts can make your life easier in ...
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Five suggestions for security in the Autumn sun 

Are you still working away from your usual place of work—perhaps in a park enjoying the sunshine before winter hits, or in a café? Here are a few things to think about, so that your pleasant hour or two doesn’t leave you with a security problem.
  1. Can anyone see what you are working on?
If you are working on ...
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The FREE tools that help cyber secure your business

Kevin Else will be speaking at the Business Show 2022 in London 16th November 2022 - 16:15pm - 16:45pm Theatre 12 - Sponsored by IRIS Clarity About the talk One thing you will be aware of as you start your business, is that you will need to be on the internet somewhere and once you are on the internet, you ...
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clear desk - white with a green plant and a blue chair

What does your desk reveal about you?

Do you know why companies like to have a clear desk / clear screen policy? It’s not just about making the office look clean and smart for visitors, or to make it nicer for you to work in. It’s also so that if you get an unexpected visitor during the work day—or possibly an uninvited intruder overnight—they aren’t able to ...
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Click and Protect and 25,000 other SMEs, are joining this year’s Business Show in London. 

Click and Protect are delighted to announce their attendance at The Business Show 2022 on the 16th and 17th of November that offers unique opportunities for small businesses and start-ups. This year, the business show will cover some hot topics around the survival of a business, such as; innovation, how to generate sales, maximise business exposure and how to successfully ...
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