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Getting Cyber Security Fit for the New Year Series: Antivirus & Firewalls 

Antivirus and firewalls – what is the difference between them? In case this is a question you’ve never quite liked to ask, we thought we’d give you a quick description of each, and then some actions to take to make sure that these essential tools are in the best possible condition and ready for action. Antivirus Antivirus software is a ...
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Getting Cyber Security Fit for the New Year Series: The Backup

Does it seem like cyber security people are always going on about backups? This is because it matters. It really matters. These days, much of your business information is likely to be stored electronically (on your phone, on your laptop, in the cloud…). We tend to think that this means it is safe, but it isn’t, necessarily. Just as paper ...
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young girl cleaning windows to illustrate decluttering

Twelfth Night: decluttering for cyber security 

Twelfth Night, the end of Christmastide, is traditionally the date by which your Christmas decorations should be taken down, the tree recycled, anything broken or damaged safely discarded, and the good stuff packed away for another year. It’s supposed to be bad luck to keep the decorations up past Twelfth Night. This process will leave your space decluttered, clean, and ...
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Two doors, identical except for colour, illustrating typosquatting

Spelling matters

There must be very few of us who have never typed in the wrong web address for a website—even if only out by a single letter—and ended up somewhere unexpected. Your end destination might be entirely innocuous, and the website in question innocent of all bad intent. After all, there aren’t an infinite number of good domain names. But this ...
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Top 10 Click and Protect Posts: 2022 

Since it’s nearly the end of another year, we thought we’d round up the most popular posts that the Click and Protect team published during 2022 to help you with expert advice – and here they are, in order. Interestingly, the top 4 most read articles were all from our Foundations series, which is intended to help you get the ...
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small business saturday - sign saying thank you for shopping local

Five things to know about cyber security and small business 

Small Business Saturday UK is intended to highlight small business success, and encourage people to shop local and support small businesses in their own communities. Almost every business in the UK is a small business*, so this is a great initiative. We’d encourage you to support small businesses too.  There’s a 50% chance that you work in a small business ...
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