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chess pieces (pawns, king and queen) illustrating senior leadership and tone from the top

Setting the Security Tone from the Top

Whatever the size of your organisation, your culture and the way that people behave, is probably set by the people at the top. This is as true for the organisation’s attitude to cyber security as it is for its ethics. There is a tendency to assume that security is about technology, but it is important to include people and the ...

QR codes: be careful of links in disguise

QR codes have become an increasingly common sight since the beginning of the pandemic—they are a useful ‘no physical contact’ method of doing almost anything:
  • Buying groceries
  • Checking in at locations
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • Making payments and using discount vouchers
  • Downloading apps
  • Providing additional information about an item, a location—potentially in a variety of languages too
  • Replacing hotel in-room magazines
  • Verification of documents such as ...
target hit by arrow

Professional firms targeted by cyber-attack gang

Ever searched online for a free template, to save time reinventing the wheel? We’ve probably all done it, even if just for an invitation template. But there are dangers, particularly for professional firms, as recently reported in Threatpost. Cyber attackers have hijacked some websites offering business agreement templates for professionals, such as; solicitors and accountants. Needing to create an agreement, ...
example of physical security - guards

Defending your information from physical attacks

Risks to the vital information that you need to run your business, are not just mystery hackers in far-away places stealing your data remotely through a cyber-attack. A physical attack on, or physical threat to your business, could be just as damaging. Whether due to natural disaster, intentional theft, or accidental loss or leakage of information. Physical security protects your ...
phishing awareness showing man with net

Gone Phishing: Nigerian Princes and Easter Eggs 

When was the last time you saw an email from a Nigerian prince, asking you for help in getting access to his fortune? All he needs is your bank account details and/or a small payment from you to cover the costs (taxes, perhaps), and he’ll transfer a share of his fortune to your bank account… It was probably a while ...

Stop, hang up and call 159

Do you know about calling 159? You can call 159 to speak to your bank if someone calls you and:
  • Claims they’re from your bank,
  • Asks you to transfer money or make a payment,
  • And/or wants to talk about your finances and it doesn’t seem right.
If you think someone might be trying to trick you into sending them ...