Cyber protect your business for free: Part 1

Last year, as part of Leeds Digital Festival, we hosted a webinar as a guide to official cyber security advice and tools available for free.

We thought we’d follow that by providing links to the key information that Kevin Else (Director, Click and Protect) shared with webinar attendees for you here.

Today we’re going to look at organisations that provide guidance to startups and small businesses for free. We’re keeping these lists short, because we know that this can easily get overwhelming.

Cyber security guidance

Not sure where to start? These three organisations are there to help you find out more:

  1. National Cyber Security Centre (known as the NCSC), whose tag line is ‘helping to make the UK the safest place to live and work online’. They have a lot of material available to help secure your business (or your personal life) no matter what size it is. For example, they have over 45 cyber security topics for you to explore, as well as information specifically for small and medium sized organisations
  2. The Information Commissioner’s Office (or the ICO) is the independent authority intended to promote data privacy for individuals, and openness by public bodies. If you are an organisation—whether a business, a charity, a school etc—you’ll find information to help you meet your data protection obligations.
  3. The third organisation on our list is the National Cyber Resilience Group, which has a regional centre near you. This is a not-for-profit company set up by the Home Office, that unites the police, the private sector and academia to strengthen national cyber resilience across small and medium-sized companies, and the supply chain. Follow the links on that page to find your local group, and then sign up for free membership and find guidance (for instance on security for remote working) and news.

There’s a lot of information on these sites, so if you’d like some specific and tailored one-to-one guidance from someone with experience in cyber security, please call the Click and Protect team on 0113 733 6230 for a chat, so we can find out what you need.

Next week: we list a few sites where you can find free cyber security training for your staff, so do come back to check that out. And don’t forget to sign up for Leeds Digital Festival this year.