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10 tips to make your smart home more secure

This article is focused on your home network and the devices connected to it. Here are our top tips to help you secure your home, especially whilst most of us are working from home. 1. Give your router a name Don’t stick with the name the manufacturer gave it — it might identify the make or model. Give it an ...
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Automating compliance. Understanding the limits.

I received a letter the other day. Very polite letter, not lecturing me in anyway shape or form, but it was from my bank. It provided lots of information about dealing with debt relief and charities that I could talk to about assisting me in my debt crisis. I received the letter because I had only paid the minimum payment ...
click and protect

Click and Protect launch – a new approach to cyber security consulting

The founders of Cyber Security Partners (CSP) have created ‘Click and Protect’ (C&P) a bespoke, tailored service that puts clients at the heart of what C&P do by offering individual cyber security solutions to meet each client’s needs and budgets.Click and Protect are launching their new approach to cyber security consulting. Clients can now enjoy an easy process of bespoke ...